Options Available to Raise a Complaint Against an Employee

Reporting and Resources

Employees are encouraged to report sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, or stalking that is perpetrated against them or other members of the MIT community. There are numerous options for reporting the misconduct and obtaining support; which option a person chooses depends upon the nature and severity of the misconduct, whether the person wishes the report to remain confidential, and whether the person wishes to pursue a formal complaint. For information about reporting, campus resources, and grievance procedures, contact the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Staff.

There are several ways that a complaint may be raised:

File a Confidential Report

Individuals who wish to confidentially inform the Institute of a case of sexual misconduct by an MIT student or employee may report an incident by contacting the following:

Although MIT will not know your identity, depending on the nature of the information provided, MIT may conduct an investigation or otherwise take action in response, although its ability to respond may be limited by the confidential nature of the report.

Informal Options

There are informal options available to employees to try to address certain misconduct. There are many kinds of informal methods to resolve complaints, as noted below. One option, mediation, may be particularly useful for allegations of sexual misconduct (other than assault).

  • Mediation is a confidential process in which both the complainant and the respondent are helped by a trained mediator to reach a resolution. Mediation is designed to resolve complaints quickly, efficiently and to the mutual satisfaction of all parties involved. Mediators are trained to be neutral and not to take sides with either person. Resolutions reached are often put into writing. They are not kept by the mediator. They also are not kept by the Institute, nor are they monitored or enforced by the Institute, unless specifically stated in the written agreement. Formal mediation can be especially useful where there are differences in perception or values or when the complainant wants to protect one's privacy. This is a voluntary process for everyone involved and will be pursued only with the consent of both parties. It is important to note that mediation is not appropriate for certain cases, including those involving allegations of sexual assault, even on a voluntary basis.
    In cases where mediation is deemed to be an option, a Complainant wishing to pursue mediation should contact the Human Resources office.
  • For other options see: http://web.mit.edu/communications/hg

Formal complaint

To pursue a formal complaint, an employee should submit a complaint in writing to the Human Resources Office on campus, or at Lincoln Laboratory (for Lincoln employees), or to the Office of Student Citizenship (for students). If a complaint involves a possibly criminal matter, you can also bring the complaint to the MIT Police.

An employee complaint will be reviewed and a decision will be made as to how MIT will respond. MIT will conduct an investigation of a complaint of sexual misconduct. Investigations are done by an impartial investigator, giving notice to the person who allegedly offended and providing a reasonable opportunity for that person to respond to the major elements of the complaint and information presented. An investigation and decision on a complaint can lead to serious disciplinary action, which may include termination.

In a sexual misconduct matter, the complainant and respondent can appeal a decision on the complaint. Such appeal must be in writing, filed promptly with the Human Resources Office, and state the reasons supporting the appeal.

For further information see: http://web.mit.edu/policies/9/9.6.html