If an individual requests that concerns raised remain confidential, MIT will make all reasonable attempts to comply with this request consistent with and subject to the Institute’s obligation to respond to complaints of this nature. Accordingly, other than a Counselor, Victim Advocate through VPR, Chaplain, or medical provider, no representative of MIT can promise complete confidentiality to any person who possesses information relevant to an incident of sexual misconduct, including a complainant. MIT will advise an individual requesting confidentiality that complying with such a request may limit its ability to respond to the complaint.

MIT will weigh a complainant’s request for confidentiality with its commitment to provide a reasonably safe and non-discriminatory environment and will consider the following factors in determining whether it can maintain confidentiality:

  • the seriousness of the alleged misconduct;
  • an allegation of drug-facilitated sexual assault;
  • whether there have been other complaints of sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, or stalking against the same accused person;
  • and the accused student’s right to receive information about the allegations if the information is maintained by MIT as an “education record” under FERPA.

For further discussion on confidentiality issues regarding employee complaints, see

No Resolution

If a Complainant does not wish to pursue a formal complaint, MIT will review incidents of sexual violence or harassment and take reasonable action in response to the Complainant’s information although the Institute’s ability to take action may be limited. A Complainant who indicates that he/she is not seeking any resolution of a complaint will be asked to confirm so in writing which will be kept in the Title IX Office.