Procedures for Cases Involving Employees

Review of Complaint

Upon receipt of notice of any allegation of sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, or stalking, a Human Resources representative will meet with the Complainant to provide the Complainant with a copy of the applicable policy, to provide information on the available forms of support, to explain the various options for pursuing the matter, including going to the police, and to discuss any accommodations that may be appropriate concerning the Complainant’s academic studies, housing and employment. At this meeting, Human Resources or designee will seek to determine how a Complainant wishes to proceed (i.e., whether the Complainant wishes to pursue a formal complaint with Human Resources, informal resolution, or does not wish to pursue any resolution).

Any MIT student, faculty, or employee who believes that he or she was subject to sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, or stalking by an MIT employee is encouraged to resolve the concern through the complaint resolution procedures outlined in Policies and Procedures 9.6. MIT tries to address concerns while taking into consideration the interests of all involved – those raising a concern and those against whom the concern is raised, as well as co-workers and others who may be involved.

If the complaint cannot or is not appropriate in the circumstances to be resolved informally, a request for a Formal Review may be filed. Specific provisions are found in Policies and Procedures 9.6,

Interim Measures Available

After receiving a complaint against a faculty member or other employee, MIT may take interim measures to protect the Complainant and/or the MIT community. This may include putting the Respondent on a paid or unpaid leave or other action to restrict or prevent contact with the Complainant. Failure to comply with any interim measures is a violation of this policy and may lead to additional disciplinary measures.