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In an effort to keep the MIT community informed, outlined below are recent steps the Institute has taken to address sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, and stalking. Join the Title IX mailing list to say informed on initiatives, events, and volunteer opportunities.

See below for some of the steps the Institute has taken to address sexual misconduct in recent years:

  • President Rafael Reif sends a letter to the community and issues a call to action in response to the story “Breaking Silence” published in the student newspaper, The Tech
  • Newly appointed Chancellor Cindy Barnhart makes sexual misconduct a priority and is asked to assess efforts at MIT and deliver recommendations for improving response and education
  • A "climate survey" is created to assess prevalence of sexual misconduct, attitudes and beliefs regarding sexual violence, knowledge of reporting options, and prevalence of help-seeking behavior. 
  • Chancellor Barnhart conducts a series of “Conversations” with various MIT constituent groups to hear their perspective of sexual misconduct at MIT
  • Freshmen Orientation is revised with a more robust online training program for incoming students to complete over the summer and a new performance workshop about sexual assault and bystander intervention is planned for the Fall 2014 New Student Orientation
  • An online training is created for all new employees to complete during new employee orientation
  • An online training is selected and implemented for all incoming graduate students and an in-person module is created for the Fall 2014 central Graduate Student Orientation program
  • New Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking Policies are developed
  • Chancellor Barnhart appoints a committee to review the Committee on Discipline’s Sexual Misconduct procedures and make recommendations for changes and updates
  • Chancellor Barnhart appoints a committee to make recommendations for a comprehensive Education and Prevention plan
  • Student Title IX Working Group creates the "It's On Us MIT" education campaign to engage the entire community in a commitment to bystander intervention 
  • Chancellor Barnhart provides an update to the community on progress made to prevent sexual assault one year after release of the CASA survey data